Then and Now: Székelykerestúr

My great-grandparents Tivadar Nagy and Borbala Both shown in front of their home in Székelykerestúr sometime in the 1960s. The woman standing is Tivadar’s niece.

Kerestur old tivador copy

This page from my parents photo album from 1983 showed that the place was showing its age.

Hungary 1983036

I was there in 2006 with my whole family and mother’s sister who had been born in there before her parents left for Canada. The house had been torn down and replaced. This is what the yard looked like.


My aunt was thrilled to see the old cross on top of the hill across the street that she remembered from her childhood. The town was named for it;  the Székely cross.

SzKerestur DSCN4294

1 thought on “Then and Now: Székelykerestúr

  1. Wonderful then & now! I so remember standing by our Aunt Violet when she realized she was standing where her home had been as a little girl. Heartwarming to be part of that experience. Lovely to have it shared here in such a special way. Thank you Diane.

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