About the Nagy Family

Erzsébet and Borbála Nagy

Erzsébet and Borbála Nagy

My great-grandmother Borbála (Barbara) Both was one of 7 children.  When she was 17 she married Tivador Nagy who was 10 years her senior.  Borbála gave birth to 7 children but my grandmother Erzsébet (Elizabeth) was the only one to survive past childhood.  When Elizabeth left to join her husband in Canada, Borbála insisted that the two little girls stay with her to make sure that Elizabeth and Balázs would return. It must have been heartbreaking for her 5 years later when her only grandchildren left as well.

When her brother Ferenc lost his wife a few years later, Borbála took in his young daughter and raised her.

This picture was taken in 1916 and sent to Tivador Nagy who was a prisoner of war in Italy at the time.

1 thought on “About the Nagy Family

  1. I have , at least, three lines of Nagy in my background so far . With the first name of TIVADOR , that will make it easier to find him , I hope . Is it a family name that stayed ?

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