September Birthdays

In our family September was a good month for girls. Three of the cousins were born that month within a few years of each other. They all have lovely Hungarian names.september girls heart 2 small

Julianna was a popular name on both sides of our family tree. 3rd Great-grandmother of the September cousins, Julianna Szálteleki was born in Jobbágyfalva, Maros-Torda in Erdély. Her mother-in-law was 4th Great-grandmother Julianna Szasz. Another 3rd Great-grandmother Julianna Vill was born in Apatin, Bács-Bodrog, now in Serbia.

The name Elizabeth originated with Saint Elizabeth, who was a much loved princess of Hungary in the 13th century who spent her short life caring for the poor and the sick. The earliest Elizabeth in our family tree was Erzsébet Toth, a 4th great-grandmother, born in Komárom  in 1791 who married the noble Gergely Édes. On the Székely side of the family is Great-grandmother Erzsébet Nagy Orban born in Székelykeresztúr. And there are plenty of aunts and cousins named Elizabeth as well.

Ilona, is the traditional name of the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folklore. She is beautiful and virtuous but also mischievous and dangerous.  Other Hungarian variations of Ilona include Heléna, Ili, Ilka, and Ilonka . Our family tree includes aunts and cousins from Erdély and North and Western Hungary and on the East and West coasts of USA.

While researching the origin of Hungarian names I was surprised to find that the name Jázmin was ranked #3 in Hungary by Behind the Name.

The only thing I have left to add is “Happy Birthday September Girls!

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