Inconabulum Notes

Here are the comments from the translator;

“A few things:

I thought that all Bonfini works were manuscripts, but the way I understand this they were some early prints made of it (folios). . . this folio had a wood panel cover, which in turn was covered by dog skin (here I must say that Hungarians adored their dogs, nobody ever ate a dog as far as I know, but for some reason for example patent letters of nobility were habitually written on dog skin, so if somebody had a “dog skin”, that actually meant that he was a nobleman). Underneath this dog skin, with the side on which handwriting was, was a secret family history written by István Édes based on what he heard from his father, oral family tradition about their history. When you read this history you will understand why they kept it a secret.

Gábor Bethlen and his followers were Calvinists, just like the whole Netherlands was/is today. In those days during the contra-reformation one Calvinist helped the other out.

The family name was originally was Éde, and when they converted to Catholicism and received their second nobility, they changed it to Édes. So I wrote the plural of Éde as Éde(s) and the plural of Édes as Édeses. 

As of the authors, the way I understand it here it goes:
The original in the Icunable (ancient print) titled “Pro memoria” was written by István , found by Albert. Albert made a copy of it by typing it plus compared it to the family event registrations in the family Bible and added notes 1-5 to it in 1865; this copy was in the hand of  Béla, who loaned it to Endre, who made it possible for Páto type another copy of it in 1939, and this copy was made available by Pál‘s daughter Iren Édes to István Máté .

Congratulations on your very exciting family roots!”

Click here for the complete English translation of Origins of the Edes family or here for the Hungarian version from Édes Emil.

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