Ancestors of Krisztina Kancsal


Ancestors of Kristina Kancsal

Ancestors of Kristina Kancsal


Following The Danube

The Danube in the Mist

The Danube in the Mist

I wondered for a long time about the journey of our ancestor Zsigmond Edes. It made sense when you see that his life moved along the Danube. starting in Komarom in 1830 in northern Hungary (now across the border in present day Slovakia) he moved to Vukovar just south of the border in Croatia where in 1858 he married Julianna Vill who had been born in Apatin just on the other bank of the Danube in Serbia. 

I borrowed this photo from this lovely blog post; The Danube always makes a huge impression on me.

Kerekes Katalin and the Warrior Women of Hungary

Bertalan Székely - Az Egri Nők

Bertalan Székely – Az Egri Nők

International Women’s Day seems like a good day to write about the courage of warrior women of Hungary. This painting by Bertalan Székely is titled The Women of Eger.  It commemorates the 1552 Siege of Eger during the Ottoman Wars in Europe. The citizens of Eger, outnumbered by about 35,000 to 2,200, fought to defend the Castle of Eger from the Turks. The women joined the battle pouring down cauldrons of boiling water and tar on the oncoming enemy. Together they managed to claim victory that day. The story is well known by every Hungarian student. Unfortunately, later the Turks returned and occupied Hungary for 150 years. Continue reading

István Kancsal and Julianna Lázár 1903

marriage Istvan Kancsal and Julianna Lazor

Marriage certificate of István Kancsal and Julianna Lázár 1903

Julianna  was the second wife of great-grandfather István and stepmother to Krisztina’s. After the death of his first wife, Teréz in March 1903, István married 26 year old Julianna Lázár from nearby Zala-Apáti in July. Julianna raised Teréz’s 3 children and had 6 more children with István.