Greatⁿ-Grandma Katalin, Hajdú Warrior

kato egri copyKerekes Katalin is hands down my favorite ancestor. Our lineage gets a little fuzzy in the 17th century so I’m not sure how many ‘greats’ apply. In the early 1600s Katalin was fighting by the side of her warrior husband, Édes Gergely, and his brothers. She received nobility in her own name because of her valor. This was no small accomplishment at a time when women were considered less than human. She was “a big strong armed woman who fought like an animal’ according to the patent of nobility. Her husband’s family was from Székelyföld. No word about her dad, but Katalin’s mother was a hajdú.

The hajdúk (plural for hajdú) had been peasant cattle drovers on the puszta, the eastern plains of Hungary. Driving herds of the big grey long-horned ‘Magyar szürkemarha to market, they had to become fierce fighters to defend themselves on the vast treeless plains.

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1720 Hungarian Urbarial Census

The early Hungarian census records were primarily a record of property ownership.

1720 census for Stephanus (István) Édes in Apacza, KomarómThis is the 1720 census for Stephanus (István) Édes in Apacza, Komaróm

This image shows the 1720 census for Stephanus (István) Édes in the town of Apacza in Komaróm county. From the information I have been able to piece together from various sources, it says he owned 20 units of land (about 20 acres). It may say that 6 fields are plowed but not seeded. The last column relates to how much of the property is a vineyard.

This István Édes is from the period where our lineage is missing clear connections between Gergely Édes born 1699 in Madár and Gergely Édes who was granted nobility in 1638.

Noble Madári Édes Family


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On March 20 1638 Gergely Édes along with his wife, Katalin Kerekes and his brothers; Vince, Mátyás, György and Ferenc were granted nobility by Ferdinand III Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire for their valor in battle. This document commemorates that event. The title in … Continue reading