Great-grandpa’s house in Kolozsvár !

20140709-230032.jpgThis is the address where my great-grandparents lived in Kolozsvár, Hungary when my grandpa was born. Today the city is called Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Some of the buildings on the street are run-down but this looks better and it has some nice details. It has lace curtains in the windows and a bit of a garden in the back. I bet great-grandmother would have loved that.20140709-233053.jpg










Great-grandpa Zsigmund was the telegraph supervisor at the railroad. The station is about a half mile down the street from the house. The wide hall still looks nice more than a century later.20140709-231107.jpg

There is a freshly repainted antique engine in the yard next to the terminal.20140709-233518.jpg

Further up the street a bridge crosses the river. A man was fishing down near the water. His fishing pole was several meters long. The water is fairly clear.20140709-230649.jpg

It was probably nice and cool down there on a hot July afternoon like this.


This story first appeared in my blog about our family history tour to Eastern Europe at

I wrote more about the family’s life in Kolozsvár in this post.

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