Time for a little Redecorating

gallery wallInspired by a post on Family Tree Frog ( a great name for a genealogy blog!) I decided to join in on the Spring Cleaning your Blog day. A little late to the game, as I usually am with anything related to housecleaning, I am inviting fellow genealogy bloggers for feedback.

Please comment on something you like about my blog and something you think could improve the look.

Here’s a link to the Spring cleaning story.


9 thoughts on “Time for a little Redecorating

  1. Dear Diane – I am so delighted that you found my blog and the challenge for this week. I smiled in recognition when I read that you were late (as usual with anything to do with housecleaning). I will not be posting a picture of my house – It is hardly ever clean or tidy, more’s the pity. Diane I don’t know where to begin with your blog, because I just love it! It’s on WordPress for a start which I think always looks beautiful. It’s crisp and clean but above all the content is fantastic. Only the other day my son was asking me about Hungary and Serbia and I felt very ignorant. Now I can direct him to your blog!! The pictures are beautiful and really add to the enjoyment. If I had any suggestion to make it would be, if possible, to provide maps as well. Thank you so much for participating in this exercise. I hope you found it useful and I am really pleased to have found you.

    • Hi Alex,
      What a treat to find so many lovely Aussie geneabloggers!
      BTW, there are a lot of Hungarians in Australia. Your country kindly took in boatloads of Hungarians escaping communism. I have a dear cousin and genealogy friend whose big Hungarian family is in Melbourne. One of these days I hope to get over there.
      Thanks for the suggestion. Maps are a great idea. I just returned from a month in Europe visiting lots of ancestor places. Stories and pictures and maps will be showing up here soon.

  2. What I always like about WordPress blogs is the clean and sophisticated look with lots of room to breathe. Yours is no exception. As Alex already noted, your photos are fantastic. A couple suggestions: Your pages bar beneath your banner might benefit from rearrangement so that “About” appears either first or last so as not to get lost in the list. Second, I noticed when I try to scroll to the bottom of the page, the scroll bar keeps bouncing back up, probably because you show posts all the way back to January. Is that a default feature or your choice? I believe when I set up my blog on Blogger, I had to limit how many posts can show at a time. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but something to consider ~

    • Thanks Wendy,
      Good suggestions. I made those changes and I think they work better.
      When I limited the number of posts it adds an ‘Older Posts’ button so all the old stuff is available too.


  3. Hi Diane,
    I am glad to have found your blog, which is excellent (and I am now following). I love that WordPress is so neat and clean (I really need to think about making the move!). You have everything that I like to see in a blog so I am having difficulty making any suggestions for improvements! I also really like your documents/chart tabs. This is an excellent idea and one that I would like to “copy” if this is OK with you?


    • Thank you Sharon!
      By all means copy that feature. Glad that you find it helpful.
      I left a comment on your site but the login to Blogger has me stumped and I’m not sure it took.

      Keep on bloggin!

      • Yes your comment worked. Thank you Diane.

        Maybe you could help me with Romanian research? I don’t know where to start.

  4. Hi,Diane – I had not come across your blog before, but it looks fascinating in terms of content and photographs and the emphasis on a country I know little about. I am not too familiar with WordPress, but I particularly like your impressive banner header and the clean look of the white and blue. I would amend your About tab to About Me – and like Wendy feel this shoud come first in line. I look forward to reading more.

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