János Varga Nagy and Julianna Szálteleki

szekelykeresturJános Varga Nagy and Julianna Szalteleki were married in Székelykeresztúr parish on November 27, 1876. Janos was a 26 year old bachelor, son of Roman Catholic parents Joseph Varga Nagy and Julianna Szasz. The bride was a 23 year old single woman, daughter of Zsigmond Szalteleki and Susanna Mezei, both Unitarians. Julianna was born in Jobbagyfalva, 50 miles north of Szekelykerestur.

János worked as a shopkeeper, a tailor and a farmer and they raised a large family. These birth records are in the Székelykeresztúr parish books.

Gabriel NagyGabriel, born April 18, 1877

Bertha Nagy

Bertha, born April 21, 1878

Joseph NagyJoseph, born April 1, 1880

Julianna NagyJuliana, born March 14, 1882

Whilhelmina Irma +

Wilhelmina Irma, born Dec 21, 1883,  Died Jan 18, 1884 at 4 weeks old

Janos Ambrose NagyJohn Ambrose, born Dec 14, 1884

Esther 1Esther, born Jan 21, 1887, Died Mar 13, 1887 at 7 weeks old

EstherEsther , born Feb 8, 1889

Maria Irma NagyMaria (Irma) , born Mar 24, 1891

Missing from this lineup is Great-grandfather Tivadar, the first child of János and Julianna who was born a year prior to their marriage. Well, these things happen. I’m still trying to track down his birth record.

Like every other find in genealogical research, every answer raises a few more questions. Where was Tivadar’s birth recorded?  What happened to Gabriel who was not included in our family record book?

When answers are discovered, you can read them here first.

What do you think?

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