Romance never dies!

File this under it’s never too late for love.

1726 Gergely Édes and Catharine Galambos

1726 Gergely Édes and Catharine Galambos

In 1762, a week before Valentine’s day, fifth great-grandfather Gregory Édes (Gregorius/Gergely) was married for a second time at age 63. His bride was an educated single woman, Catherine Galambos. The marriage register describes Gregory as a widowed grandfather. They were both from Madár. The two witnesses were noble earls or counts.

1 thought on “Romance never dies!

  1. What a beautiful topic to blog. Romantic is definitely a word I use to describe Hungarians, our language is full of delicious words of passion & romance & it seems our fifth great-grandfather played out his passion at the mature age of 63.

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