1720 Hungarian Urbarial Census

The early Hungarian census records were primarily a record of property ownership.

1720 census for Stephanus (István) Édes in Apacza, KomarómThis is the 1720 census for Stephanus (István) Édes in Apacza, Komaróm

This image shows the 1720 census for Stephanus (István) Édes in the town of Apacza in Komaróm county. From the information I have been able to piece together from various sources, it says he owned 20 units of land (about 20 acres). It may say that 6 fields are plowed but not seeded. The last column relates to how much of the property is a vineyard.

This István Édes is from the period where our lineage is missing clear connections between Gergely Édes born 1699 in Madár and Gergely Édes who was granted nobility in 1638.

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